Science teacher begins his career in education

Science teacher Chad Brown encounters new challenges as he begins his first year in his teaching career.


By Photo by Morgan Nelson

First year science teacher Chad Brown helps his students in Physics.

Elizabeth Fleming, JAG reporter/photographer

Students may notice many new teachers this year, one of them being science teacher Chad Brown, which is his first year  professionally teaching as well.

Brown obtained a physics degree from Northwest Missouri State University, then moved to Kansas to pursue a teaching degree from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.  He currently teaches Physics and Chemistry, but this isn’t Brown’s first experience in the classroom.

“I taught labs at Northwest, as well as tutored and [I] was a peers advisor,” Brown said. “That’s what planted the bug.”

The thing Brown is most looking forward to in his first year is, “getting to know students, forming relationships and seeing what makes them tick.”

Brown said that he has many goals for this year, his students’ learning being first and foremost. He also wants to make sure students enjoy themselves in his class.

“I want to have fun with science,” Brown said. “By showing people it isn’t a bunch of worksheets and horrible homework.”


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