School spirit shouldn’t die

School spirit needs to be seen throughout the year


John Lehan, JagWire reporter/photographer

The energetic roar of an avid crowd during home football games exemplifies the school spirit that lives within all students and faculty members. This spirit drives the best memories the school has ever made, including festivities such as Blue Bomb, Homecoming or spirit week. As a vital component of making high school enjoyable, it is crucial that we not let our spirit die, even as planned events come to a close.

In upcoming months, school will begin to settle into a routine. Weeks will blur together, and weekends will become the most interesting aspects of life. The image of Mill Valley will become that of a bland, unoriginal high school.

Unless we take action, this devastating scenario is certainly our future. As carriers of school spirit, it is our duty to ensure that the school not be seen as a bland, unoriginal high school, but as the high school that celebrates its existence by showing school spirit constantly.

We cannot settle for remembering the craziness of pep assemblies, the representation of the first home football game or the anticipation of the Homecoming candidates reveal. Instead, we must actively work to recreate these expressions of school spirit every day.

So, wear spirit gear as often as possible. Attend the activity of the week, not just once, but as much as you can. Show pride in the school’s accomplishments and strive to help the school achieve them.

While it may be easier to simply chug through the next few months until the next planned event revives spirit, we cannot afford to take this path. At the end of the day, as loud and proud as we can, we must show who we really are. We are Mill Valley.


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