School dress codes need to be altered and enforced

Rules benefit students and their learning experience, but some dress codes have overstepped their boundaries


Jenna McDonald, JAG organizations editor

As I watch many girls get dress coded for open shoulder tops, I began to wonder why certain rules are implemented in the district. The handbook states that the administration has the right to deem what is appropriate attire for a proper learning environment, but some of the rules have gone too far. Watching one student get dress coded for seeing the strap of her bra, but another not get coded for her way too short of shorts makes me wonder if the district needs to reevaluate their rules for attire. While I do believe that dress codes are needed to maintain modesty, I also believe that some of the regulations are not needed.

Too often do I experience simple, attire being pointed out by teachers or the administration, who claim it is distracting to others. It does upset me though that a girl who is showing her shoulders is frowned upon, but skimpier clothing that would raise an eyebrow will end up not being addressed.

Personally, one of my close friends was stopped in the hallway for wearing an off the shoulder shirt and when she asked why she needed to change or cover up, she was told it was a distraction to others. But is a exposed shoulder really going to take away from others’ learning abilities?

It also brings up my thoughts on school uniforms and if they are effective either.  Most private schools have an established rule on collared shirts, skirts for girls and dress pants for boys, but this does not solve all their issues.  I hear regularly from my friends who attend private schools that their skirts must extend to the knee (or beyond in some cases) and their shirts must be tucked in, but many still decide to roll their skirts and can get away with it.

I do think that in some schools should have implemented rules like these, especially after major issues with attire. On the other hand, schools that do not have uniforms need to have regularly enforced rules that are also known to students.

With all that being said, I do believe that dress codes need to be in place and followed properly, but some rules need to be altered as they step beyond boundaries that are uncontrollable.

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