Review: Nékter Juice Bar

Nékter Juice Bar provides healthy smoothies, juices and cleanses


By Kayla Brethauer

Nékter Juice bar specializes in adding a healthy twist to smoothies and juices.

Kayla Brethauer, JAG reporter

With its cozy and welcoming feel, Nékter Juice Bar is the cutest place to grab a juice. The store itself has a minimalistic and modern style distinguished by its minimalistic environment and wooden accents. Nékter also houses its logo in a frame of greenery which makes for great pictures, and their free Wi-Fi makes the juice bar a great spot for working on some schoolwork.

Nékter Juice Bar, located in Overland Park’s Hawthorne Plaza, was a fourteen-minute drive from Mill Valley, but was worth it for the quality of the drinks. 

The staff at Nékter is very helpful and ready to help you customize any juice or smoothie to your liking, and if you don’t know what to order, the staff is ready to tell you their favorites.

Nékter takes pride in their freshly made juices, smoothies and cleanses that cater to those wanting to add more vegetables to their diet. The juice bar also sells smoothie bowls that are healthy, filling and totally Instagram-worthy with their overflowing toppings and trademark blue spoon. Many of the drinks and snacks, including the signature AÇAÍ bowls, at Nékter are also great for those that are on paleo or vegan diets.

The Cold Brew Protein smoothie that I got from Nékter was my all-time favorite. The smoothie was made from coffee, bananas, housemade cashew milk, protein powder and agave nectar and was just what I needed to give me a boost of energy in the morning. The coffee and bananas in the Cold Brew Protein smoothie made for a rich flavor that left me wanting more. I also tried the Berry Banana Burst smoothie which was sweet and delicious but did not leave me feeling as lively and ready for the day as the cold brew smoothie.

Overall, I really enjoyed the smoothies and the experience that Nékter Juice Bar provided. I plan to go back and try as many of the smoothie bowls, smoothies and juices that I can.

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