Repertory Theatre performs “Fantasticks”

Repertory theatre put on the show Thursday, Feb. 20 and Friday, Feb, 21 for the community

Claire Franke and Jordin Harris

Repertory theatre performed the show “Fantastics” Thursday, Feb. 20 and Friday, Feb, 21. The musical, written by Harvey Schmidt and Tom Jones, revolves around a love story between two families.

Drama teacher Jon Copeland said he chose the show for the repertory theatre program because of its history.

“It’s a classic show,” Copeland said. “It opened in 1960 and ran over 42 years on Broadway, showing over 17,000 performances.”

Senior Tripp Star played one of the main characters, Bellomy, father of the female love interest.

“He is a button maker, very polished, logical, and he is loving but does not tolerate nonsense,” Starr said. “Bellomy is a very stern but an extra loving father. His main priority is to protect his daughter and do what’s best for her.”

The repertory theatre students and Copeland have been working on the show since August. Senior Aidan Thomas directed the show, and Copeland says Thomas has done well.

“He did a great job visualizing the project and blocking the actors, as well as doing a great job coaching them in character development,” Copeland.

Repertory theatre is an advanced drama class for students in grades 10-12. Students must audition for the class to be considered. In the class, students learn more in-depth knowledge about acting and directing along with performing in one show per semester.

Starr says that he would recommend joining repertory theatre to those interested, as he has benefited tremendously.

“Being in repertory theatre teaches me and allows me to grow as a person and an actor,” Starr said.

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