Reel Talk: The art of EGOTing


Jillian Leiby, JagWire opinions editor

Becoming an EGOT is the goal of many people in the entertainment industry. To be one, a person must have one an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony. To date, there have only been 12 people to win all the awards at least once.

The logistics behind becoming an EGOT are varied. Producers, composers and actors have all become one. It has taken some over 40 years to become an EGOT, or, if you’re the creator of “Frozen” like Robert Lopez, it can take only 10 years. Currently prominent EGOTs include actresses Whoopi Goldberg and Rita Moreno, producer Scott Rudin and directors Mike Nichols and Mel Brooks, as well as composers like the aforementioned Lopez.

This list would be much longer if these people would take my advice and fight for that last award.

Lily Tomlin

Emmy: Has won 6, primarily for her own variety specials including “Lily,” “Lily: Sold Out” and “Lily Tomlin” 

Grammy: Won in 1972 for “This is a Recording,” Best Comedy Album

Oscar: Missing; nominated in 1974 for “Nashville”

Tony: Won Best Actress in a Play in 1986 for “The Search of Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe;” Won a Lifetime Achievement award in 1977

The legendary comedian actress has won an Emmy, Grammy and Tony, but has yet to win an Oscar. She was nominated in 1974 for “Nashville”, but has a chance to be nominated for this year’s hilarious “Grandma.” Continuing to use her signature dry humor to star in dramedies will get Tomlin to that Oscar.

Kate Winslet

Emmy: Won in 2011 for Best Actress in a Miniseries: “Mildred Pierce”

Grammy: Won in 2000 for Best Spoken Word Album for Children: “Listen To the Storyteller”

Oscar: Won in 2008 for Best Actress: “The Reader”

Tony: Missing

Winslet was nominated six times before she won her Oscar in 2008. She received a Grammy in 2000 for best spoken word album for children and an Emmy in 2011 for best actress in a miniseries. While the Tony award may be the hardest award to get, a Broadway musical that uses her natural vocal chops (that she shows off in soundtracks for her films) would definitely secure the award.

Lin-Manuel Miranda

Emmy: Won in a Primetime Emmy in 2014 for the 67th Tony Awards

Grammy: Won in 2009 for Best Musical Theater Album: “In the Heights”

Oscar: Missing

Tony: Won 2 in 2008; Best Musical and Best Original Score for “In the Heights” 

Lin-Manuel Miranda: Miranda’s “Hamilton” is already a shoo-in for the Tonys this year, but Miranda already has multiple Tonys, as well as a Grammy and Emmy and a Pulitzer Prize nomination. This year, he also received the MacArthur Fellowship, which goes to individuals who have made an impact in the creative world. A movie adaptation of “Hamilton” executed just as well as the stage version would make Miranda an EGOT for sure.

There are many more who could secure the title. Maybe what makes the EGOT so prestigious, however, is that so many have tried and failed to become one. Once everyone becomes one, it will lose its luster.  

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