Quiz Bowl places first at Lansing

The team won its third tournament in a row with a score of 1,115 in 13 rounds


By Photo by Rachel Schulte

Clicking the buzzer, sophomore Tom McClain follows through with an answer to help teammate Ben Stadler increase their score.

The Quiz Bowl team placed first with a score of 1,115 at the Lansing Invitational on Monday, Nov. 3 against 12 schools. The team lost one round, but continued to score high, in order to win its third tournament of the season.

Senior Jack Earlenbaugh said it was a challenge to get to the buzzer faster than the team’s opponent.

“I think there were several instances where we could have done better in our response times, but I think we had a good meet,” Earlenbaugh said.

The team is hoping to continue its winning streak of 3-0 in its next meet at Olathe Northwest.

“It went pretty well. [We] met a lot of teams, thirteen rounds is double what we usually have in a normal tournament,” junior Jordan Wootton said. “It was pretty easy for a varsity meet. Hopefully [we will] keep the streak alive.”

Earlenbaugh attributed the team’s success to the balance of the six players.

“The meet overall went well, I was really satisfied with the balance of our team members. I thought they performed really well,” Earlenbaugh said. “Each one of them had a very high scoring record.”

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