Quiz Bowl kicks off season with virtual tournament

The team took on 18 different schools at their first tournament, which was held on Zoom, from Mrs. Fair’s classroom Wednesday, Nov. 18

Lauren Cannata, JAG reporter/photographer

On Wednesday, Nov. 18, the Quiz Bowl team took on 18 different schools in a single classroom. Their first tournament of the year was held on Zoom from science teacher Landra Fair’s classroom. The students each used virtual buzzers through Buzz.in to indicate their answers, a big change from last year.

Despite the challenges that presented themselves over the past few months, the team is eager about the season finally starting. 

“I think we definitely did pretty well, especially for our first meet of the season, since we took 4th place and were up against some pretty good teams,” sophomore Avery Gathright said. 

The tournaments were just one change from last year; there were other changes to the team’s dynamic and how they prepared for tournaments as well. 

“We have been meeting once a week over Zoom to practice,” Gathright said. “Overall, we have a smaller team. We had lots of really good senior members last year who graduated, so the rest of us have had to step it up a bit.”

Also worried about these changes is the team’s leader, Mrs. Fair.

“The team does not get to practice in-person and that hurts their rapport with each other,” Fair said. 

Still, she is satisfied with how the tournament went. 

“I think the team did really well. They worked great together,” Fair said.l

The team still has a ways to go, but they are focused on moving forward and improving their status. 

“We actually got into the final rounds through the wild card slot, which is based on points accumulated instead of wins, so we should strive to get in through wins next time to solidify our chances more,” Gathright said.

Overall, the team is off to a good start, and they’re hopeful about tournaments to come.

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