Quiz Bowl goes 4-5 at their sixth meet of the season

Quiz Bowl competes at Eudora High School against nine other teams.


By Submitted by Landra Fair

Standing in front of the Eudora High School mascot, Quiz Bowl members senior Madison Koester and juniors Anna Zwahlen, Emma Clement, Olivia Peters and Evan Mack pose for a picture.

Grace Brookshire, Social media editor

The Quiz Bowl team competed against nine other teams in their sixth tournament of the season Wednesday, Nov.16. Quiz Bowl won four of their nine rounds. All the rounds were very close, losing from either a tie breaker question or by one question. 

Quiz Bowl sponsor Landra Fair has been the Quiz Bowl coach since 2019 and is looking forward to the rest of the season. Fair thinks the team did a good job and loves the bond that the students share.

“We have such a good group of students that get along so well together,” Fair said in a text message. “We have had a lot of successful tournaments. Hopefully, we will make it to State again. Unfortunately the rounds were close and we lost the tie-breaker questions. The team had great camaraderie!”

Fair enjoys being the Quiz Bowl sponsor because she likes being able to see students outside of school who love to learn. 

“It is nice to see students outside of the classroom environment, especially teens that love learning,” Fair said in a text message.. 

 Senior Madison Koester was the team captain of the meet which allowed her to campaign for her team and be at the forefront of the tournament. 

“I like being the team captain during tournaments because I can advocate  for our team if we decide to challenge a question, an answer, or anything about the round,” Koester said in a text message. “The captain also usually sits near the center of the row during rounds so I got to communicate with both sides of the row and see what the rest of the team is thinking when we are answering questions during the round.” 

Koester thinks the team’s performance on Wednesday was good and has already seen improvements to the team’s bond and assertiveness when answering questions. 

“I think we performed well on Wednesday,” Koester said in a text message. “We only won half our rounds but the other rounds were only lost by one question and there are sixteen questions in each round so it was pretty close. I think we have already improved a lot this year so far in communicating and being confident in buzzing in, but it is always something we can work on to improve our speed and accuracy when answering.”

Junior Olivia Peters competed in her first ever Quiz Bowl meet on Wednesday. Peters joined the team because she enjoys trivia and wanted to get out of her comfort zone. She also had friends on the team who encouraged her to join. 

“I had a couple friends in Quiz Bowl, and I enjoy trivia, so I thought it would be a good idea,” Peters said in a text message. “I also joined to stretch myself, since I knew there would be a lot I didn’t know. Quiz Bowl has done exactly that – stretch me and teach me things I didn’t know – so I’m really glad I joined!”

Peters had nerves going into the meet, but once she got more comfortable she enjoyed being there and answering questions. 

“My first meet was actually a lot of fun,” Peters said in a text message. “I was a little bit nervous going into it but after I got there I had a really good time and my nerves mostly went away.”

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