Counseling secretary Judy Intfen to leave position at the end of the month

In a Q &A, Intfen describes her experiences as a counseling secretary and her future plans


By Jordan Prestia

Working on her computer, Mill Valley counseling secretary Judy Intfen discusses how she will be leaving her position at the school in April to work with family.

Avery Gathright, JagWire editor-in-chief

JagWire: What is your favorite part about working at Mill Valley?

Judy Intfen: I don’t think I can narrow that down. My favorite thing is the relationships that I have made while being here, not only with my peers but with the students as well.

JW: What has been your least favorite part about working at Mill Valley?

JI: Answering the phone with an upset parent, just hearing the tension in their voice and wanting to try and help them.

JW: What will you remember the most about Mill Valley? 

JI: The people that I’ve met and the students that I’ve helped. I mean those are two of the biggest things that stick out. The friendships that I’ve formed, the roots that I’ve grown here, I truly felt that I was a part of Mill Valley, and I don’t think that will ever change. I’ve got jaguar pride.

JW: What is the new job that you will be taking on?

JI: It’s really not new, I’ve been working for my nephew since COVID hit. My other part-time jobs, which were pet-sitting, house-sitting, baby-sitting, all of that disappeared, and my nephew has a fairly new company, and he said “Hey, Aunt Judy, I could give you some hours,” and it’s just kind of grown into him wanting me to support him in an administrative role and be his right-hand woman, someone that he knows isn’t gonna quit on him, and will be a confidant.

JW: When will you be leaving Mill Valley?

JI: April 16th will be my official last day because I’m also helping with the Relay for Life, I wanted to make sure I stayed through that commitment.

JW: What are you most looking forward to in this new position?

JI: The fact that I’ll be able to work from home, working with family, and the financial stability that my nephew has offered me is a no-brainer. Everybody [works in education] for the love, but when you’re single, and you don’t have that dual income, it’s kind of hard to support yourself on the salary of education.

JW: If there was a message that you could leave to the students and staff of Mill Valley before you leave, what would you say to them?

JI: Believe in yourself. That kind of sums up a lot of different things, have confidence in yourself and just believe in yourself.

JW: Is there anything you’d like to add before the close of this interview?

JI: I will miss almost every aspect of this job, the people, and the walls within this district.

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