Q and A with StuCo president candidate Stephen McEnery

Josh Duden, news editor

Junior Stephen McEnery

1. Why are you running for student body office?

I have been on StuCo for two years and I feel I know how the system works and I feel like I have the ability and the responsibility to make my and my class’ senior year a good one.

2. What makes you qualified for the position of president?

I am the junior class vice president, I was the sophomore class treasurer and freshman representative, and I am involved all throughout the school I how the school works and the ability to handle schedule.

3. What sets you apart from the other candidates?

I suppose I have been involved in a variety of different groups at the school.

4. Why do you think StuCo is an important aspect of school?

It is important because we have the responsibility to build school spirit from day one. We have the responsibility of Homecoming and all the pep assemblies, and it is the student council’s responsibility to make sure all of that runs smoothly.

5. What are your goals for next year, if elected?

My goals for next year are to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to fully enjoy what our school has to offer and that all of our StuCo events are something our school can feel proud of, and that our school is something we can feel proud of.

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