Peers in Learning visits Cider Hill Family Orchard

Students gain experience outside of the classroom with Special Education department members on Friday, Sept. 22

Ally Nguyen, Mill Valley News editor-in-chief

Members of the Special Education department, along with multiple Peers in Learning students, visited Cider Hill Family Orchard on Friday, Sept. 22.

Although the field trip lasted a relatively short amount of time, about three hours, junior Molly Cosmillo believes it made a lasting impact on her.

“I love being around the [students I work with in] Peers in Learning because it teaches me so much,” Cosmillo said. “I know they are different, but they’re so much fun to be around. It taught me how important and special these people are.”

In addition to that, Cosmillo learned educational skills that she wouldn’t have been able to in a normal classroom setting.

“[The field trip] taught me how to be patient because some of [the students] don’t want to listen the first time or get involved in activities,” Cosmillo said. “It also showed me how to include everybody because some people like to drift off, so you have to bring everybody back.”

Junior Bella Line agrees with Cosmillo and believes the kids brought her a new experience.

“I learned how fun it was to be able to see something through someone else’s perspective,” Line said. “My favorite part was seeing the apple orchard and being able to experience it with amazing people.”

Cosmillo and Line weren’t the only ones to benefit from this field trip though, Cosmillo believes she could see the student’s attitude change from their normal classroom facades.

“[I liked] riding the wagon and going to pick apples with them,” Cosmillo said. “My favorite part was seeing how happy they are in an outside environment.”

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