Not so easy life of senior year

As I prepared for senior year, I went in with the attitude that it would be easy, I was wrong

Raven Hodges, Ads Manager

Being a senior is a stepping stone in the career of most high schoolers’. The typical senior year is depicted as the following, and stress typically does not fit into the picture. The last year in ones high school career is portrayed as a time when you try to figure out what you want to do for the rest of your life, making decisions that sometimes are not the best. This year also includes bonding with classmates, skipping school on senior skip day and doing a class prank. It is a time where you have YOLO moments and make lasting memories with your high school friends.

The wonderful image that was portrayed unfortunately is only partially true. The other side of senior year that is not depicted in movies, TV shows or advertisements is the stress, sleepless nights and moments when you just want to cry. Do not get me wrong, I am enjoying my last year in high school, however, I was not prepared for all the extra stress that comes along with such a wonderful accomplishment.

Scholarships are a must for those that are not deemed as in need of financial aid. So, applying for scholarships has become my new full-time job, along with school. The multitude of scholarships makes it easy to apply, however, the likelihood of receiving the scholarship is slim, and the due dates typically clash. I have to find time to apply for these scholarships along with making time to study, complete homework and just relax from the hectic week. Another factor in scholarships is your ACT score. I have taken the test four times and the last time I took the test my score remained the same. It feels as if the ACT is like education; the better you receive the more money you get.

Besides scholarships, being a studious student is another stressor this year. Grades matter for all four years of school, but this year they especially count. Colleges look at your GPA and ACT score when they decide on the type of academic scholarship you will receive. When I decided to take an honors class and a college-level class this year, I did not realize that they are on the same day, back to back. This results in having tests/quizzes on the same day and not adequately studying for each class. To add to my stress, I received an injury (torn ACL and back meniscus flipped to the front) which has made post-surgery very difficult to get back into the groove of school. I am constantly playing a never-ending game of catch-up and have to worry about getting my grades up.

Minus these few difficulties that I have experienced so far as a senior I am enjoying this year and truly looking forward to flipping another page in my life, hopefully one that is less stressful.

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