NHS members create cards for veterans

NHS members volunteer to make holiday cards for US veterans

Laken Wagner, JAG editor-in-chief

Students and craft supplies crowded room A101 on Friday, Dec. 4, as more than 50 NHS members came together to make Christmas and other holiday cards for U.S. Veterans.

Junior Charlotte Muttai was one of the many students to create various cards.

“It was really fun,” Muttai said. “The cards that I designed had the typical Christmas trees on the front and I ended up spending most of my time on that one card, but it turned out pretty good.”

According to Muttai, the group activity was more than just making Holiday cards for some students.

“My uncle is a veteran and my cousin is on base in North Carolina so this event was close to my heart,” Muttai said. “I wanted to be a part of this because veterans deserve so much thanks, more than we can give them.”

Showing support for veterans through little things like cards can be impactful, according to junior Jacob Campbell.

“This could be really [important to veterans]. If the they are always at the VFW or VA and have little to no family, then yes,” Campbell said. “If they do have family it may not be as significant but any amount of thanks will hopefully bring a smile to their faces.”

Not only did making the cards impact veterans, but junior Sarah Butler believes it also impacted the students making them.

“It made me feel good since it made me think of how some people risked their lives and maybe didn’t get to see their families on the holidays,” Butler said. “I thought it was a great thing to do and it may have put a smile on their face.”

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