NHS finishes Pennies for Paws drive

NHS raised over $279 as donation to the Great Plains SPCA


By Erin Miller

Senior Diana Auckly donates to Pennies for Paws.

Grace Lovett, JAG reporter/photographer

NHS held its first fundraiser of the year, Pennies for Paws, during the week of Sept. 10. The fundraiser was a coin drive, and the money raised was donated to the Great Plains Society Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, otherwise known as the Great Plains SPCA. In total the Pennies for Paws drive raised $279.02.

NHS President Jake Campbell considers the fundraiser as a success.

“I think this [fundraiser] went really well. We are going to be able to help the Great Plains SPCA purchase a lot of supplies that they need,” Campbell said.

Senior NHS officer Maggie Bogart believes that this fundraiser is a good fit for the students at Mill Valley.

“A lot of the students have random coins laying around and they could really put those to use to make animals lives better,” Bogart said.

The drive was a class cup competition, with seniors raising $146.39,  juniors raising $66, sophomores raising $39.48 and freshmen raising $27.15. Senior Savannah Chappell, who is also involved in NHS, contributed a large amount to the seniors success in donating the most during the coin drive.

“I just wanted to give what I had. It was easier to give to others and it doesn’t take much,” Chappell said.

NHS will host their next fundraiser, a blue jean drive, the week of Oct. 10 in hopes of raising money for the Sunflower House.

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