NHS decorates sidewalks outside the elementary schools

Members of NHS wrote positive messages with sidewalk chalk outside of local elementary schools Wednesday, Nov. 4


By Molly Smith

Bent down with a piece of black chalk in her hands, senior Nicole Crist draws a happy cloud at Prairie Ridge Elementary, Wednesday, Nov. 4, to bring positivity to the elementary students for the end of the quarter with several other members of the National Honor Society.

Grace McLeod, JAG editor-in-chief

Crouched over her art, senior Tyler Bret draws with chalk at Clear Creek Elementary for NHS hours. (By Molly Smith)

As the first NHS group event of the year, members of NHS gathered outside of Prairie Ridge Elementary to decorate the sidewalks with chalk Wednesday, Nov. 4. After PRE was decorated, the group moved to Clear Creek Elementary.

The turnout at the event surpassed NHS officer senior Tyler Bret’s expectations.

“I did not expect that many people to come at all, and I was very overwhelmed,” Bret said. “It turned out amazing.”

Senior Cole McClure participated to earn more community service hours.

“In case it was the only group event for NHS, I wanted to attend,” McClure said. “I wrote positive messages and drew fun pictures on the sidewalks.”

Drawing chalk at Prairie Ridge Elementary, junior Bret Weber draws a smiley face with sunglasses to send positive messages to the elementary schoolers. (By Molly Smith)

Bret enjoyed seeing her friends and experiencing the beautiful weather.

“It was super fun and a good opportunity to give back to our community,” Bret said. “[My favorite part was] hanging out with my friends on such a nice day.”

Similarly, McClure liked reuniting with friends he hasn’t seen due to the separation of students with the last names A-K and L-Z.

“While it wasn’t for very long, it was nice to see some people I don’t see at school anymore,” McClure said.

In the midst of a lot of negativity, the sidewalk chalk helped brighten the mood, according to McClure.

Writing out “today is going to be amazing,” junior Taylor Doyle spreads positivity at Prairie Ridge Elementary with NHS. (By Molly Smith)

“2020 has been a rough year,” McClure said. “With everything happening in the world today, including COVID-19, the election and what feels like a new school system, it’s important to focus on the little things and help make some else’s day a little better.”

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