New laptops are deployed to freshman, sophomore and junior classes

Mill Valley was the first school in the district to distribute the new laptops

Baylen Monson, JagWire copy editor

Taking seven days in total, the school has recently finished the rollout of new MacBooks to all students and staff. Over several weeks, students came to check out their laptops by grade level.  On January 9, the school board approved the purchase of new laptops for all middle and high schools in the district. This action granted $5.6 million for 5,300 laptops and their accessories.

Media specialist Ashley Agre was in charge of distributing the laptops by grade level, with the help of several other staff members. Students came during their English classes to make the switch and check out their new MacBooks.

The laptops are newer versions, and have some differences to the previous ones. 

“We have a Touch ID, so you can unlock it with your fingerprint,” Agre said. “They have more storage, and since they’re newer the battery life is going to be better on them.”

Sophomore Nahashon Njenga recently got the new laptop, and says that he likes it so far.

“[I] like the Touch ID and also, this might be placebo effect or something, but I think that the speakers are different because [they’re on the front],” Njenga said. 

Current seniors did not receive a new laptop, with the exception of journalism staff and CTEC students, who received them earlier in the year. 

MVTV senior producer Sophia Chang was one of these students and says the laptops make it easier for her to work. 

“They’re much faster,” Chang said. “I can edit at home. They don’t have SD card readers, which is inconvenient, but they are able to handle the processing of Premiere Pro.”

With these new features, some things are different on the MacBooks. 

Agre mentioned that the laptops are smaller, and that the chargers don’t have a way to wrap the cord up. However, the technology department is working on 3D printing a solution. 

Reflecting on her opinion of the laptops, Agre mentions how they will make her life easier. 

“I’m really excited,” Agre said. “The fact that they hold charge longer means I won’t have to reconnect kids to the internet because [their laptop died]. It’s nice having something new and it’s good.”

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