New additions to the school almost complete

Many different construction projects were completed over the summer, and students can look forward to the new theater and fieldhouse’s upcoming completion

Avery Gathright and Madelyn Welch

The school has been undergoing construction since the summer of 2019.

Many students have already seen the new gym, used by several P.E. classes and extracurricular activities, but many other additions have also been made inside of the school. These additions include a new weight room, cardio room and wrestling room. Additionally, the little theater has been renovated, and the new performing arts theater is underway.

The new theater is expected to be complete by mid-October, according to Manning Construction superintendent Everett Dexter. 

Dexter also said that the new theater was the construction project most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, due to new procedures. However, construction was able to restart in early June, and much progress has been made since then. Over the course of two months, the theater’s fly system, which allows for quick scenery swapping, was completed.


Freshman Kynley Verdict is excited about the benefits of the new theater. “The theater can have more people at the shows now which will bring more money back into the school because more people can come to each show,” Verdict said. 

Outdoor renovations have also progressed. New turf has been laid for the soccer team, the football field has been updated, and most prominently, a new fieldhouse is being constructed. Freshman Ellie Walker believes that the new construction will improve students’ mindsets.

“I think the new renovations can help motivate students as they do whatever they’re doing in a new and improved space,” Walker said. 

The new additions have proved to be great resources for teams to better themselves; for example, the cardio room allows athletes to run and bike inside and the soccer team has been able to practice on the new turf.

Sophomore Dalton Gabbert believes that the new weight room will help improve the school’s sports teams. “There is more space in the weight room, so the teams can have smaller groups, and quicker, more efficient workouts,” Gabbert said.

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