NEHS hosts third annual Candy Cane Drive

The Candy Cane Drive gets students in the holiday spirit while incorporating literacy


By Abby Steiger

Buying a candy cane from sophomore Bridget Roy and junior Callie Shryock, junior Emily Feuerborn supports NEHS in their annual candy cane sale the week before finals.

Allison Seck, JAG editor-in-chief

With finals week quickly approaching, NEHS is hosting its third annual Candy Cane Drive to mix both the holiday spirit and literacy together. 

According to NEHS sponsor Page Anderson, the money from the Candy Cane Drive goes to the NEHS seniors. 

“At the end of the year, seniors are awarded honor cords which are paid for using our raised money. Also, two seniors are nominated as ‘outstanding senior woman’ and ‘outstanding senior man.’ The money from the fundraisers is also used to purchase medals for these two people,” Anderson said. 

Anderson hopes in the future to have raised enough money to award a scholarship to one senior in NEHS. With how successful years past have been, this year NEHS is hoping to double their profits says Anderson. 

“We have been fairly successful in the past. We usually sell around 120 candy canes, although, I would like to sell double that amount. We have just started this year’s sales, but I am hopeful we will be successful due to the promoting we have done,” Anderson said. 

NEHS officer Allison Gourd likes to see how people react when they are given a candy cane. 

My favorite part of the drive is definitely delivering the candy canes. The looks on people’s faces when they receive surprise candy canes are priceless,” Gourd said. 

Gourd says that the Candy Cane Drive helps improve the mood during finals week. 

“I think that the true purpose of the candy cane drive is to really raise spirits during finals week and kind of get everyone in the festive mood,” Gourd said. 

Keep an eye out for NEHS next week as they are delivering candy cane orders. They are being delivered during first block on Tuesday, Dec. 17. 


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