NAHS hosts private art show

NAHS hosted its first private art show for members


By Claire Biles

Senior Morgan Schuler shows her art to sophomore Tyler Orbin during the NAHS art show on Thursday, Nov. 6.

Alison Booth, JagWire editor-in-chief

NAHS hosted a private art show for its own members to grow closer as a club and view each other’s artwork on Thursday, Nov. 5.

Each member brought three pieces of recent artwork and food to share, according to NAHS sponsor Jerry Howard.

“We just want to get an opportunity to see everyone’s skills and to see what they’ve done, what they like to do [and] what their style is,” Howard said. “We figured it was a nice way to have an icebreaker where we get to know each other because there [are] a lot of students that don’t know each other.”

Junior NAHS secretary Jayna Smith said the bonding activity will ultimately benefit NAHS and cause them to grow as a club.

“We have not [done this before], so it’s the first year and we’re really excited about it,” Smith said. “Showing other people’s art makes it feel like a big family. I think it’ll benefit us because one of the things that we’ve been working on this year is making sure that we all enjoy [NAHS] and making sure that we all know know each other and are all comfortable around each other.”

Sophomore Tyler Orbin agrees that the showcase will help in knowing people’s strengths for future projects.

“The art show we had allowed us to see new members’ and returning members’ artwork and get a little bit of a feel for everyone’s individual style,” Orbin said.

Howard said several changes have already been made to the club since the beginning of the school year. In addition to the president, vice president and secretary, an additional panel of officers has been added. 

“[Officers] plan all the events and all the things that we do, and I truly just get to oversee things and bring up any issues that may arise,” Howard said. “It’s nice — they’ve really taken on a huge responsibility with all the leadership roles, which really helps on my part.”

Also, the overall attendance of the club has continuously grown over the past three years and has now reached 38 members as opposed to last year’s 32, according to Howard.

Smith said even with a large amount of members, the club still plans on becoming closer.

“We gained quite a few people from the beginning of the year, as well as we’ve been able to make a lot of progress on the murals,” Smith said. “I feel like we’ve become more a family and more of something that people look forward to and get excited about as time moves on.”

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