MV Outreach hosts triathlon to support pediatric research

Club members participated in a triathlon on Saturday, Sept. 24 to fundraise money for kids with childhood cancer


By Raya Lehan

Leading the Whipping Childhood Cancer Triathlon on Saturday, Sept. 24, senior Emma Wilhoit directs a participant towards the beginning of the course. The course included biking, running and a pie in the face and children fifth grade and under were able to participate.

Julia Zinser, JAG reporter

On Saturday Sept. 24, MV Outreach hosted an event called the Whipping Childhood Cancer Triathlon in the school’s back parking lot. $600 dollars was raised in total. The money went to the Supporting Kids Foundation, which helps alleviate financial stress from affected families.

Local resident Trudy Stron usually hosts neighborhood triathlons,  but asked MV Outreach to help her this year.

“We chalked up the area, we got volunteers to bring whipped cream and everyone brought their own bikes. Everyone just did their own little part,” senior Sue Kim said.

The kids rode their bikes in the parking lot, then came back around and got a whipped cream pie in their face after they finished. A photo booth was also set up so kids could get their picture taken with props. The families would make a donation amount of their choice.

“A huge bunch of kids showed up to the event and they all looked like they were having fun,” senior Lauren Schath said.

Many people came out just to watch the kids, and some kids ending up participating after seeing what was going on. MV Outreach members enjoyed themselves as well.

“I wanted to participate because it was a really good cause,” Kim said. “These families are affected by childhood cancer … it really takes a toll on them financially because they have to pay for all the treatment. This is a good way to help them out, especially in this community.”


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