MV Outfitters club members come together for a bonfire in the park

The annual group event, held at Shawnee Mission Park, included s’mores and hammocking


By Anna Ricker

MV Outfitters hosted a bonfire Sunday Oct. 28th at Shawnee Mission Park as one of their big events of the year. “We try to put in a fun activity mixed with a little bit of informational stuff,” senior co-president Madelyn Lehn said, “So we can go and do [events] like the bonfire.”

Jenna McDonald, JAG organizations editor

Members of MV Outfitters gathered at Shelter 2 on Sunday, Oct. 28 for their annual outdoor meeting.

By Anna Ricker
Freshman Lily Godfrey and Maddy Williams enjoy s’mores while sitting next to the bonfire

According to senior Madelyn Lehn, the club comes together for a bonfire in the park around this time of the year.\

“Last year we [met] for a Halloween themed bonfire and this year it is more fall-like,” Lehn said. “It is a low-maintenance, fun way for everyone to get involved and get outside to have a good time.”

This event gives the members, new and returning, the opportunity to converse and introduce themselves, according to freshman Lauren Butler.

“Today’s event [at SMP] served as a mixer so we could all get to know each other,” Butler said. “It’s a great opportunity to meet new people, especially as a freshman, and experience new things.”

MV Outfitters club members enjoy being in the company of each other and nature, according to Lehn.

By Anna Ricker
After roasting marshmallows, freshman Carly Hey and Meredith Clark eat their s’mores.

“It is super fun to sit around the fire and hang out with everyone,” Lehn said. “I enjoy being surrounded by an awesome group of girls while we learn about nature.”

During group gatherings, the club does a variety of hands-on activities such as painting rocks, making trail mix and building bonfires.

“My favorite part of our outdoor gatherings would have to be hammocking,” Butler said. “It is super relaxing and is a great time to catch up with the other [members of MV Outfitters].”

The presidents of the club, Lehn and senior Hannah Barnes, like to see all of their ideas leaving an impact on not only their members but also nature.

“I enjoy the planning process and seeing the way everything comes together,” Lehn said. “When we finally get to see [our plans] in action and everyone enjoying [the activities], it is super rewarding.”

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