Letters from the Editors: Jumping right back in

With winter break over, the Mill Valley News Online EICs have been planning for newspaper special projects and the Pacemaker Award


Nora Lucas, Raya Lehan, and Alison Booth

Second semester is underway, and man, do we have a lot going on. Over winter break, the three of us got together and made official decisions regarding our newspaper special project. In a 12 minute discussion, we agreed upon At 5900 Monticello Road: a collection of stories about the most special locations on Mill Valley campus. When we returned from break, it was go time. We immediately gave reporters and photographers their assignments and now newspaper staff members are putting their finishing touches on the project which will be posted this week.

The timing has been rough, since we are getting judged for the Pacemaker Award this week and it still feel like we just returned from winter break. We have had to crank out this project like nobody’s business, but to our amazement, every single staff member contributed and turned their parts in on time. How can we thank them enough? We’ll have to see once we distribute special project awards to the staff.

Anyway, after being put on a fast pace for the Pacemaker, we are excited to be putting up some content during second semester and ready to share it with you all.

With awards season in full swing, we’re hoping to not only put out a stellar special project, but also to continue keeping our regular content in high standards. Here’s to a great second semester of Mill Valley News Online content.  

From your beloved Mill Valley News Online editor-in-chiefs,

Ali Booth, Raya Lehan and Nora Lucas

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