Letters from the Editors: It’s the start of something new

JagWire EICs deal with different challenges in new leadership positions


Starting this year off was hectic to say the least. We wanted to really start something new this year and our idea was to put out a back-to-school issue. Unfortunately, the new computers weren’t working (at all) and we were left with good ideas for content and nothing to do with it.

So, in order to make things work, we decided to aim our content more towards web. It was a challenge to try and teach new staffers how to do things without access to computers. Thankfully, everything got done, the staff grew closer to each other and it turned out to be a good learning experience.

In addition to adding web content with brand-new staffers, we also had to deal with the fact that we lost a lot of staffers after graduation last year. Out of 22 staff members, we lost 13 people total, 10 of which were seniors.

To help compensate for that, we added 15 new staffers to our numbers, almost doubling the nine returning members we’ve got this year. We’ve got to teach these new faces — and fast — because there’s no way that the nine returning members can run and produce a successful newspaper as easily as last year’s staff.

While we adjust to our new roles on the staff, we also have to juggle our own busy schedules outside the J-room. The three of us are really involved in school: Madison is president of NAHS and avidly involved in the drama department; Braden is on cross country during the fall, track during the spring and involved in band year round; Margaret is a girls basketball manager. Not to mention,  all three of us are in AP classes.

With all of this going on, there will be a more definite adjustment period as we try to navigate through this school year. One thing is for sure: we have a great staff that will continually put out great content. There might be some issues along the way, but we’ll get there somehow, someway.

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