Late start should replace early release

Mill Valley should change the current early release privilege to late start to benefit students


Julia Fair, JagWire reporter/photographer

Early release is something that Mill Valley students have the privilege of having on Fridays if they have good grades and no absences that week, but what if there was something to replace early release? Mill Valley tested out the first ever late start Tuesday, Sept. 17. School started at 9:50 a.m and ended at the usual time: 2:55 p.m. The late start gave students more time in the morning to sleep, get homework finished and actually eat breakfast. After all of the snow days the district had last year that extended the school year, the district wanted a better solution. The late starts were put in place so if we ever need to take a snow day instead of taking the full day off we would have a late start. 

Late starts should replace early release on Fridays. While early release is a reward for students who have good grades, late start would be more of a benefit for students. When students get early release, they leave 20 minutes early. If late start were to replace early release, there would be far more benefits when compared to early release. The late starts don’t change what time the school gets out; it only shortens class periods. With late start, students get two extra hours to get tasks done before school.

 By having a late start every Friday students can catch up on sleep. “The average teenager gets five hours of sleep when really the average teenager is supposed to get 7-8 hours of sleep,” according to Nationwide Children’s. With the two hours added, students could get the amount of sleep needed. According to another article by Health-line, “sleep deprivation can lead to stress, poor sleeping habits, and mood changes.” Added stress from not getting enough sleep and the stress of getting homework done can drop a student’s ability to focus. Every teacher wants their students to do well in class, but most students stay up late getting homework done or studying. Late start is a great way to help students get more sleep which can increase a students focus in school.

When students first heard about the late start most were filled with excitement knowing that they could sleep in. Students get excited when finding out they have early release, but some students don’t get early release. While early release is to reward the students who are doing well, by giving a late start to everyone it gives students more motivation. We have all had that one morning when you wake up and ask your parents if you can stay home from school because you are too tired or just don’t feel like going. The night before the late start, a feeling of relief was felt knowing that you wouldn’t have to wake up at 6 a.m to go to school. Late start is something students would be able to look forward to every Friday. While early release is something students look forward to, late start would have more of an impact on students. 

Both of the rewards have benefits, but late start is the better option for Fridays at Mill Valley. Late start helps students get more sleep and overall gives students something to look forward to. Late starts also gives the school a chance to limit the amount of snow days taken so they don’t have to extend the day school gets out. Removing two hours from the morning compared to leaving 20 minutes earlier is better for the school’s interest. 


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