Students react to the Chiefs’ Super Bowl win

Kansas City Chiefs beat the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35 in Super Bowl LVII

The Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl LVII against Philadelphia Eagles 38-35 Sunday, Feb. 12. The Chiefs have played in three of the last four Super Bowls, also winning in 2020. Although the game took place in Glendale, Arizona, many students and their families held watch parties at their houses.

Junior Kynley Verdict was hoping for the Chiefs to come out of the game victorious.

“I was so anxious during the game because the Chiefs were down in the first half and that had me and my friends really stressed out,” Verdict said. “I really enjoyed watching the Chiefs come back during the second half and I was very happy when they won.”

Most of the city was rooting for the Chiefs; however, sophomore Maggie Wieland and her family, including her dad, social studies teacher Jeff Wieland, were cheering on the Eagles. 

“I was rooting for the Eagles because I’ve basically been an Eagles fan since the day I was born, both my parents are huge Eagles fans,” Maggie said. “During the game, my family and I were very stressed about what was going on. After losing, we were all a bit disappointed because we wished we could’ve won. However, I was really happy the Eagles made it that far and I think that they have a bright future.”

Junior Peyton Zenger and her friends and family watched the game together at a watch

party. Zenger said watching the game in a big group amplified the excitement of the game.

“Watching in a big group is better because everyone is so excited and the energy overall is just higher,” Zenger said. “Even though  there is lots of talking and yelling when watching in a big group, it is still fun because everyone’s energy creates such a positive and fun environment to watch in.”

Similarly to Zenger, Verdict also enjoyed getting to watch the game with others. 

“I like watching in a big group because it’s entertaining and I like talking to people while watching the game,” Verdict said. “It can make the boring times during the games go by faster and it can be less stressful.”

While both Zenger and Verdict watched the game with friends, Maggie Wieland watched the game with her immediate family. 

“I liked getting to watch the game with my family because it allowed us to focus on what was happening,” Wieland said. “It was also better just to watch as a family because all of our friends are Chiefs fans.” 

The victory celebration parade for the Chiefs will be held on Wednesday, Feb. 15 in downtown Kansas City. Because the city is expecting over 500,000 fans to line the parade route, the district decided to cancel school so teachers, students and their families could attend the parade or watch it live on TV.  Most area school districts cancelled classes as well. Zenger expressed her excitement for the day off. 

“I am so glad that we don’t have school on Wednesday,” Zenger said. “Currently, I am not sure if I’m going to the parade. However, it is still nice that the school district is lenient and takes a part in these sports celebrations.”

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