Junior pursues basketball, transfers schools

Junior pursues basketball, transfers schools

Alana Flinn, JagWire editor-in-chief

For junior point guard Wyatt Voorhes, basketball has defined almost every aspect of his life.

“My entire life has revolved around playing basketball,” Wyatt said. “The game makes me happy and that’s why I dedicate so much time to it.”

Wyatt began traveling with a competitive basketball team in seventh grade and then chose to be home-schooled in the eighth grade to focus more time on basketball.

Wyatt’s competitive team traveled to Arkansas for the Real Deal on the Rock tournament in both his eighth grade and freshman year, where they won first place both times among 100 teams.

In the ninth and tenth grade, he entered the private school system and played varsity for Bishop Miege High School.
Wyatt said he chose to transfer to Mill Valley his junior year for the basketball exposure. However, due to transfer regulations, he will not be eligible to play varsity until the second semester. Currently, Wyatt plays junior varsity.

“At Miege, basketball wasn’t the main sport for most of the players,” Wyatt said. “I heard there was a really good program [at Mill Valley] and the players were more devoted, so it seemed like the best choice.”

Wyatt’s mother, Kathy Voorhes, said that basketball has been Wyatt’s main focus in life.

“I don’t know [Wyatt] any other way than playing basketball,” Kathy said. “It’s just been his whole life and it’d be hard to see him doing anything but basketball now or in the future.”

While Wyatt acknowledges that he has made several sacrifices for basketball, such as not having free time during the summer due to traveling with competitive teams, he said that he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Traveling and meeting all of the people is much more fulfilling to me than just sitting in Kansas and not playing,” Wyatt said. “I wouldn’t exchange any of the unique experiences I’ve had for the world.”

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