JagWire staffers evaluate various carbonated and flavored waters

Mill Valley News editor-in-chief Tricia Drumm and JagWire reporter Elizabeth Joseph try different flavored waters in search for their favorite

Tricia Drumm and Elizabeth Joseph

Clear American Ice Tropical Lemonade

Neither of us could bring ourselves to continue drinking this one. While fairly decent as a whole, the drink felt like a downgraded alternative to Sparkling Ice, with the citrus flavors and the carbonation levels hitting hard. It felt like a muddle of ideas about what flavored water should be. 

Clear American Pineapple Coconut

Clear American Pineapple Coconut hit the basic objectives of flavored water. It had average levels of carbonation and an even mix of flavors, with both pineapple and coconut palpable in the drink. With each component in proportion, we selected this as our favorite flavor.

Sparkling Ice Coconut Pineapple

Sparkling Ice resembles soda more closely than it does water. Packed with carbonation and overwhelming flavors, the drink functions more as a “healthy” alternative to soda. However, one sip made Elizabeth feel like her mouth had been punched with both carbonation and flavor, the former completely overwhelming the latter.

Vitaminwater Tropical Citrus

We had mixed opinions about Vitaminwater. Elizabeth liked how close it was to actual water, while I, Tricia, had been anticipating some fascinating energy drink. Despite the water’s name, neither of us could taste the “tropical citrus.”

Nestle Splash Orange Mandarin

If you’re in the business for straightforward flavored water, Nestle Splash Orange Mandarin is the clear answer. Both of us agreed it was nice to go back to the basics. It smelled and definitely tasted like oranges, which was a big A plus in our book.

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