Jaguars advance in playoffs with 49-0 win

Football team beats Leavenworth Pioneers, winning regional championship

Morgan Gurwell, JagWire reporter and photographer

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  • Senior Lucas Krull hoists up the regionals trophy in celebration of a 49-0 win over the Leavenworth Pioneers in the first round of playoffs on Friday, Nov. 6. The Jaguars will advance to play the Pittsburg Purple Dragons in the sectional round of playoffs at Pittsburg on Friday, Nov. 13. “We know what's on the line,” senior Lucas Krull said. “We got to go out there and we just need to show everyone what we are about.”

  • Senior Cole Morris stands with an American flag as he prepares to run out onto the field.

  • Jaguars run out onto the field at the start of the game against the Leavenworth Pioneers.

  • Alongside three other Jaguars, senior Clayton Holmberg runs out onto the field carrying one of the school flags.

  • Seniors Christian Jegen and Andrew Hicks high five before Hicks attempts a field goal.

  • After breaking through the defense, junior Brady Garrison runs for a touchdown.

  • Senior defensive back Chase Midyett brings a Pioneers wide receiver to the ground upon catching a pass.

  • Senior wide receiver Christian Jegen runs for a first down.

  • Diving into the end zone, senior quarterback Logan Koch scores a touchdown to further the Jaguars’ lead.

  • Receiving the punt return, senior Christian Jegen prepares to run the ball.

  • Senior Christian Jegen dodges the Pioneer defense.

  • With the the Jaguar defense blocking, senior quarterback Logan Koch looks for an open teammate to pass to.

  • Junior Joel Donn grabs onto the Pioneer ball carrier to prevent a first down.

  • Senior linebacker Seth Burnett brings the Pioneer ball carrier to the ground.

  • Junior Joel Donn and senior Cole Morris hug after a play.

  • After the ball is snapped to the Pioneers’ quarterback, senior Cole Morris goes in for a tackle.

  • With a 96-yard run, senior Christian Jegen passes the defense and runs in for a touchdown.

  • Senior Lucas Krull and Christian Jegen celebrate a 96-yard touchdown by Jegen.

  • Sprinting forward, senior Anthony Brown goes in a for a block.

  • Senior Chase Midyett dives after the Pioneer ball carrier for a tackle.

  • Working together, the Jaguar defense brings down the Pioneer ball carrier.

  • Jumping in midair, senior Christian Jegen deflects the ball to interrupt an attempted touchdown.

  • Dodging the defense, junior wide receiver Ben Hartman runs for a first down.

  • During halftime, senior Morgan Panovich performs alongside the Silver Stars.

  • Dancing with the Silver Stars, senior captain Abbie Hughes spins alongside junior Julia Kemp and sophomore Emmy Bidnick.

  • Playing their mellophones, band members perform during halftime.

  • While the band plays during halftime, senior Angie Lugo plays the symbol.

  • Performing with the Blue Band, senior Ryan Schamberger plays the trombone.

  • Junior Ben Swearengin plays the tuba during the halftime performance.

  • At halftime, the student section participates in the roller coaster led by seniors.

  • As the Pioneer quarterback scrambles to make a pass, senior Cole Morris goes in for a tackle.

  • After an interception, senior Grant Warford sprints to the end zone.

  • With senior Cole Morris blocking the defense, senior Grant Warford attempts to gain yardage.

  • With an arm out to push off the defenders, sophomore quarterback Brody Flaming runs for a first down.

  • Senior defensive back Joe Wilson brings goes in for a tackle.

  • Approaching the Pioneer quarterback, sophomore Evan Rice and junior Jack Eber go in for a tackle.

  • Running past the defense, senior Lucas Krull advances the ball for the Jaguars.

  • Avoiding the defense, sophomore Ike Valencia run to advance the ball.

  • Junior Josh Winscott attempts to tackle the Leavenworth player.

  • At the conclusion of the game against the Leavenworth Pioneers, seniors Ethan Lane, Clayton Holmberg and Dalton Sieperda celebrate the 49-0 win.

  • Senior Seth Burnett holds up the regionals trophy and cheers.

  • The Jaguars hold up the regionals trophy after a 49-0 win over the Leavenworth Pioneers.

  • The Jaguars pose with the regionals trophy after defeating the Leavenworth Pioneers.

  • Head coach Joel Applebee poses with his kids and the regionals trophy following a win over the Leavenworth Pioneers.

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The Jaguars defeated the Leavenworth Pioneers 49-0 in the first round of playoffs on Friday, Nov. 6, becoming regional champions and advancing to the sectionals round of playoffs.

According to senior linebacker Grant Warford, the team was able to come together to prepare physically and mentally for its first playoff game.

“We watched a lot of film and we probably had our best week of practice so far,” Warford said. “Everyone kind of bought in and focused up for the week, and it resulted out on the field because we were ready to go.”

Within the first 55 seconds of the game, senior quarterback Logan Koch’s pass to senior wide receiver Christian Jegen scored the Jaguars their first touchdown of the night. A PAT by senior Andrew Hicks secured a 7-0 lead over the Pioneers.

After the first touchdown, the Jaguars added five more by the end of the half. This included 80-yard and 96-yard touchdown runs by Jegen. With a carry by Krull, Koch scored a 4-yard touchdown. Junior Brady Garrison also contributed to the lead, scoring two touchdowns. By the end of the first half, the Jaguars were up 42-0.

Coming into the second half with a significant lead, the Jaguars knew they had to keep the momentum going.

“We all never unlatched our focus. We came back out and we knew we had to still get stuff done,” Warford said.

With 11:46 left in the third quarter, Warford intercepted the ball, leading to the final touchdown of the night, scored by senior wide receiver Lucas Krull.

The Jaguars will play the Pittsburg Purple Dragons Friday, Nov. 13, at Pittsburg. According to Krull, the team will continue to practice for the game the way it has all season.

“We will prepare just the way we prepare for everyone else,” Krull said. “We don’t need to change anything right now, so, if we keep winning, that’s all we’ve got to do.”

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