JagPRIDE hosts drug facts hunt event to spread awareness

The event was hosted Wednesday, March 22 through Monday, April 3 when they announced the winner

Ian Chern, JagWire copy editor

JagPRIDE hosted a drug facts awareness event Wednesday, March 22 through Monday, April 3. The event involved JagPRIDE hiding drug facts throughout the school for students to find and turn in. 

JagPRIDE created the event in hopes of spreading drug fact awareness through an interactive and exciting way. JagPRIDE member senior Natalie Merley believes these types of interactive events are better at spreading their message.

“We wanted to make people aware of the things that they put in their bodies and how drugs and alcohol can be harmful but we wanted to do it in a fun way,” Merley said. 

JagPRIDE worked hard to make this event possible, according to JagPRIDE member senior Helen Springer. 

“JagPRIDE got together for a morning meeting and divided up the work,” Springer said. “I personally cut out and made the shapes, while others in the group wrote the facts on the shapes. One day a group of people came into the school and hid them all around Mill Valley.”

The hidden facts that were found by the students were turned in for a raffle with a reward of a Starbucks gift card. Junior Kate Haney was the winner of the gift card. 

“I saw on MVTV that there was a fact hunt going on,” Haney said. “I was on my way to Spanish and I found one in a name plate. I brought it to seminar with me and my friend [junior] Gwen Heideman had also found one. We wrote our names on the back and brought them up to the counseling office and put them in the bag.” 

Drug use has become a major and deadly problem for young people. One of JagPRIDE’s goals is to educate the students about the dangers of drug use.

“I feel as if it’s very important to teach students about drug awareness because people just assume since we are young that nothing will affect them,” Springer said. “A pinch of a deadly drug that’s lacing popular street drugs can kill someone so easily. Spreading awareness can potentially save someone’s life.”


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