Jag band and choir competed in regionals at DeSoto High School

Over 40 students qualified for state competition Saturday, April 15

Kenzie Gorr, JAG reporter/photographer

Jaguar band and choir competed in the regional competition at DeSoto High School Saturday, April 15. Both departments had members who qualified for state and will send over 40 students to the competition Saturday, April 29. 

Senior Brody Shulda competed in both band and choir events: a low brass quartet, euphonium solo, tenor bass, jag singers and a choir solo. Shulda listed what goes into a competition  

“I started the day by warming up for the band performances and also performed the choir pieces later in the day,” Shulda said. “I spent the time in between performances talking to and watching my friends perform as well as waiting for the volunteers to update the results in the commons.” 

Additionally, junior Violet Hentges sang in the singer-soprano alto group, jag singers and performed a treble solo. Hentges described how it feels to perform at such a high level. 

“Performing at regionals is such a cool experience and to be able to do it with my choir family makes the experience so memorable,” Hentges said. “I have never performed a solo at regionals until this year, so that part was terrifying but after doing it I have never been so proud of myself.”

Even though he was nervous at first, Shulda ended up obtaining the best score possible on all of his performances. 

“I was nervous while performing but I had practiced a lot so I also had confidence,” Shulda said. “I got ones on all five of my performances so my day went pretty well. My friends also performed well and got ones and twos.”

Hentges agreed that the day went well and loved the experience of competing with her friends.

“My solo went well, everyone performing did amazing and all of our jag singers did a great job. The day couldn’t have gone better,” Hentges said. “My favorite part was being able to watch and cheer on my friends. Seeing everyone showcase their talents in such a scary way is so cool and I love being able to support them. Regionals is such a cool experience and I wouldn’t want to do it with any other group of people.” 


State Bound Musicians

Band – 22 state qualifiers 

Flute Quartet – Nathan Anderson, Sienna DelBorrell, Rose Lee and Addisyn White

Clarinet Quartet – Gabby Delpleash, Cassie Frias, Sophie Hsu and Logan Koester

Low Brass Quartet – Alex Armstrong, Benjamin Hansen, Colin Scherzer and Brody Shulda

Percussion Trio – Abby Haney, Mia Plumberg and Jordan Powell

Flute Solo – Sienna DelBorrell

Violin Solo –Sarah Anderson

Tuba Solo – Zane Lauer

Snare Solo – Sawyer Clark

Marimba Solo – Abby Haney

Snare Solo – Abby Haney

Euphonium Solo – Brody Shulda

Choir – 24 state qualifiers 

Vocal Soloists:

Caroline Alley

Finn Campbell

Asa Esparza

Carter Harvey

Brayden Heath

Violet Hentges

McKinley Graves

Guss Miller

Brody Shulda

Vocal Small Ensembles

Jag Singers

Jag Singers – Soprano/Alto Voices

Jag Singers – Tenor/Bass Voices

Jag Chorale Quartet featuring Tenley Moss, Livianna Kirkpatrick, Maddie Olivier and Ella Edwards

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