Human Anatomy class dissects cat

Students skin and dissect cats in Human Anatomy class


By Photo by Brooke Wiebe

While labeling the inner body parts of a cat, junior Kelly Gothard and senior Morgan McLeroy view the cat's intestines in Human Anatomy and Physiology on Friday, April 10.

Lizzie Kulcsar, JagWire reporter

Science teacher Eric Thomas’ Human Anatomy classes have begun their annual cat dissection this past week. The students must first skin the cat, cut the cat open, and begin the dissection of the cat’s internal body parts.

Junior Claudia Meredith said for the most part, the project was easy going but there were some difficulties.

“I was looking forward to it for so long,” Meredith said. “The environment and the process were pretty chill … When we were skinning the cat it was hard not to rip a muscle, it was challenging.”

Junior Roslyn Freeman said the atmosphere was fun and exciting. Each cat was named something creative and at the beginning, the class took a selfie.

“There was a lot of joking around,” Freeman said. “It actually made the experience more fun.”

Meredith said that although the dissection was fun, there was a sad aspect to it.

“It was kind of sad just because it was a household pet you see everyday,” Meredith said. “Whenever I would mention it to anyone not taking the class they would talk about how sad it is to dissect a cat.”

Freeman said she had a good experience and would dissect again.

“Dissection can be really fun,” Freeman said. “Learning about anatomy can be really complicated but once you see the hands on nature of dissection it makes everything seem a little bit more simple.”

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