Girls golf team places first at Sunflower League Tournament

Senior Libby Green placed first and senior Charley Strahm placed ninth Monday, Oct. 4

Sophia Estes, JAG editor-in-chief

The girls golf team competed in the Sunflower League Tournament at Tomahawk Golf Course Monday, Oct. 4. Senior Libby Green placed first and senior Charley Strahm placed ninth, with the team placing first overall.

Head coach Chris Wallace shared his thoughts on the course and what it was like watching the girls play.

“The course we were playing at is a very tricky one. The way the greens are shaped and sloped, it can be a nerve-wracking experience so it’s not one of my favorite courses to watch,” Wallace said. “You see a lot of frustration out there. I felt like our girls did a great job at staying poised and focused despite some of the challenges that course presents.”

Senior Libby Green reflected on how she felt during the tournament.

“I felt really good,” Green said. “I was hitting my clubs well and I felt really confident.”

Wallace explained how he felt the girls improved from past tournaments.

“I think in a lot of ways everyone is finding little pieces to improve as we’ve gone through the season,” Wallace said. “Sometimes, a girl can improve and their score gets worse so it’s not always a score improvement we’re looking for but a game improvement. From that perspective, I absolutely think we are improving but we still have room for growth.”

Green shared her similar opinions on her improvement.

“This tournament has been a huge improvement from the past,” Green said. “It definitely made me more confident going into regionals and state.”

Wallace explained how proud he is of the girls.

“Any coach is proud of a team who is able to have success,” Wallace said. “So certainly I’m very proud of them.”

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