Girls basketball loses to Shawnee Mission Northwest 44-25

The girls fell to the Cougars at home Friday, Jan. 20

Avery Cole, Molly Griffin, and Sophia Estes

Girls basketball lost 44-25 to Shawnee Mission Northwest. The girls played at home Friday, Nov. 20. Senior Sophie Pringle described her feelings about the game. 

“The overall result of the game was definitely not an indicator of how well we played. We ran a good offense and played tough. It’s just hard to keep the other team from scoring when most of their players outsize us,” Pringle said. “We hung with them most of the game by making a few tough shots, but ultimately fell behind because most of our shots wouldn’t fall. We have some really good shooters on our team who just couldn’t get the ball to go in, no matter how good the shot was.”

Similarly to Pringle, junior Keira Franken shares her thoughts about the game. 

“The results of the game were definitely a little disappointing mostly because I think we had our best game yet and our effort was where we needed it, just some shots did not fall,” Franken said. “Overall our performance was pretty good and I am not unhappy with the way we played but they’re a very good team and more of their shots fell.”

Additionally, Pringle describes how the team will prepare for the next game.

“We work on tweaking our offense a little to help it be most effective against the next team we are playing,” Pringle said. “We also do lots of box out drills because that is the number one thing we need to do, because every team we will play will be much taller and bigger than us.”

Franken explains her thoughts on the rest of the season. 

“For the rest of the season I feel like it is now about working with the chemistry we have built,” Franken said. “We have seen improvement from the start of the season and now is the time hopefully things start clicking with us, but I am very hopeful they will.”

Overall, Pringle expresses her feelings on how the team has worked this season. 

“I think the rest of the season will be good despite the number of wins and losses. We work extremely hard each game and we get better as a team, which is something I wish people would recognize more rather than how many wins we have. We knew this season would be tough because we have a very young team and are extremely undersized,” Pringle said.”Not to mention how talented the Sunflower League is this year on the girls side. We are going to continue to work with what we have and compete every game.”

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