Engineering job fair now open to students interested

Students involved in career and technical education classes are welcome to attend December conference


By Carter Lawson

Helga Brown's Architecture class watches a video over a new concept on Wednesday, Sept. 14.

Michael Sandri, JagWire reporter

On Thursday, Dec. 29 , engineering teacher Helga Brown will be leading a career exposition. The exposition will be an all-day excursion at the Ball Conference Center in Olathe. Brown says that she expects eight students will be going, but is still currently taking volunteers.

Students who are interested in learning about different engineering career options are welcome to attend.

“It is open to kids who are in [career and technical education] classes,” Brown said.

According to Brown, students will “learn about manufacturing, material management, and IT jobs.”

Students listen in Helga Brown's class while she teaches on Wednesday, Sept. 14.
By Carter Lawson
Students listen in Helga Brown’s class while she teaches on Wednesday, Sept. 14.

Sophomore Charlie Brock plans to attend the event, and looks forward to exploring future career options in his areas of interest.

“I’m going there to learn about aerospace engineering and because it seems like something really fun to do,” Brock said.

The exposition will be taking place on a Thursday, but no school will be missed due to parent teacher conferences.

If interested in attending the career expo, contact Brown in room C-105 or check Blackboard.

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