Drama department begins practice on musical

Practice for the fall musical “Hello Dolly” is already in full swing

Christopher Sprenger, JagWire sports editor

The drama department began practicing this year’s musical “Hello Dolly” on Tuesday, Sept. 6. The musical centers around a matchmaker — Dolly Levi — who is constantly trying to get involved in people’s love lives.

Drama teacher Jon Copeland said that the cast has been doing a lot so far to stay on track.

“We have had some musical rehearsals with Mrs. Mooneyhan, we’ve already choreographed a few numbers, we’ve already blocked a few scenes,” Copeland said. “It’s such a tight schedule. There are so many ensemble numbers and so many dances that we really can’t miss a single rehearsal or we’ll be behind.”

Junior Lauryn Hurley plays the role of Dolly, and thought that they have been doing a good job preparing for the musical.

“We’ve got two months to prepare so we are on really good track right now because we are already learning songs and blocking,” Hurley said.

Copeland said there are very few similarities between this year’s musical and last year’s musical.

“What’s similar [is that] both take place around the year 1900,” Copeland said. “But [last year’s musical] took place in Oklahoma whereas [this year’s musical] takes place in New York, so the time period is the same but the location is totally different and so is the music style.”

Hurley agrees with Copeland.

“[Last year’s musical] was kind of dark in some places,” Hurley said. “Whereas [this year’s] is much lighter in comparison and it is a feel-good show that should leave everyone smiling and happy when they leave.”

Copeland said he is looking forward to working with returning cast members from previous productions, along with new cast members who are new to the drama department.

“It’s always fun to see whatever particular group of kids I’m working with. This year has a different group of seniors than last year and there are new freshman,” Copeland said. “I want to see what level we can take them too as far as their acting and their presentation.

The musical will run from Saturday, Nov. 5 through Sunday, Nov. 13.

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