Principal Dr. Gail Holder helps to choreograph a dance for the fall musical “Guys and Dolls”

The male part of the cast gets creative direction on their dance piece “Oldest Established”

Meg McAfee and Abby Warren

Wednesday, Oct. 5 Holder taught the male cast from the fall musical “Guys and Dolls” the choreography for their dance number “Oldest Established.” Musical director Jonathan Copeland first reached out to Holder first in 2020 asking if she would be interested in helping to choreograph a piece in the musical.

Holder choreographed her first piece at Mill Valley in 2021 for “The Music Man” after having some previous experience.

“I did choreography for two or three musicals in Olathe when I was the dance team director,” Holder said. “Here I have helped with two musicals, last year I helped choreograph “76 Trombones” and this year with “Oldest Established”.”

Holder has extensive background in dancing having danced in middle school, high school and at Kilgore Junior College where she was the captain of the Rangerettes. As well as coaching dance for one year at Shawnee Mission West High School and 25 years at Olathe South High School. 

“My background is in drill team and dance team,” Holder said. “Every now and again I’ve done little pieces for people in a variety of ways.”

Junior Blake Powers described his appreciation for the help that Holder is bringing to “Guys and Dolls.”

“The dance she made was a challenge to a lot of people, more advanced than last year,” Powers said. “She is making it more technical, so I think it’ll look more professional.” 

Overall, Powers feels that the dedication of Holder to the cast and her want to make sure they do their best helped them all to get the dance down. 

“She keeps everyone on task at all times, she doesn’t let people slack off,” Powers said “She makes sure everybody’s doing what they’re supposed to do.”

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