Don’t take AP classes only for the weight

Taking AP classes should add to your education, not your GPA


Katya Gillig, Mill Valley News editor-in-chief

When choosing classes for the year to come, many students feel the need to overload their schedule with Advanced Placement courses. Many chose to enroll in an AP class because it will either challenge them or create a more stimulating environment. However, other people take it simply because of the label: AP. With AP comes a weighted grade, or a numerical advantage for grades.

Choosing to take an AP class should be to further your education, not to receive a weighted grade.”

The goal of taking these classes should be to challenge yourself and enhance your high school curriculum, not to spread yourself thin. Take the AP classes that you enjoy or would help you with your major.

In my case, enrolling in an AP social studies class that I don’t enjoy just for the weighted grade will not help me in my later career in engineering.

In the last decade, the number of people enrolled in an AP class has nearly doubled, according to the College Board. In 2014, nearly 4 million AP exams were taken. However, only 56 percent of these students passed their exam. The average score in 2014 was a 2.89, which is not good enough to get college credit in most schools.

Although these are hard exams, most teachers will prepare you to succeed in them. Not succeeding usually means you were not prepared. Getting a lower grade in an AP class versus a better grade in a regular class is not worth it. In this case it is better to get an A in the regular version of the class, than to get a C or D in an AP class, even though it is a weighted grade.

Taking an AP class to get the weighted grade is not the best option, take the ones that will pertain to your future or ones you enjoy. Spreading yourself thin just to take AP classes is not worth it. Take an AP class for you, not for your GPA.

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