Volleyball coach Debbie Fay inducted into the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame

Fay was inducted into the Hall of Fame for her success as a high school volleyball coach


By Aidee Barron

With smiles on their faces, athletic director Jerald VanRheen, math teacher Sarah Heffernon, PE teacher Debbie Fay, PE teacher Christine Preston and Assistant Principal Marilyn Chrisler stand for a photo after Fay was awarded into the Hall of Fame on Sunday, Nov. 15.

Libby Strathman, JAG photo editor

Sunday, November 15, volleyball coach Debbie Fay was inducted into the MO Sports Hall of Fame during Kansas City enshrinement.  She was honored for her 31 seasons of coaching volleyball in Missouri.

The Missouri Sports Hall of Fame celebrates the accomplishments of exceptional athletes and coaches from Missouri. Coach Fay said that the nomination was completely unexpected.

“I had no idea I was chosen,” Fay said. “I got a phone call from the main organization and it was a total surprise. I was super excited.”

Coach Fay has led Mill Valley’s team to many wins during her seven years at the school. Sophomore volleyball player Madeline Schnepf believes that Fay was very deserving of the honor. 

“Fay definitely deserves to be put in the Hall of Fame,” Schnepf said. “She is very hardworking and loves the game. She always makes sure to hold everyone accountable and makes sure we get our jobs done.”

As excited as she was to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, Fay was nervous about having to give a speech at the enshrinement event. 

“I was super nervous about having to give my speech because when you sit there and you talk about your past and all the people that helped you along the way, you don’t want to leave anybody out,” Fay said.

Nerves aside, Fay had a great time at the ceremony. She thought it was great to be surrounded by her supportive family and friends.

“The best part was having both my daughters and their husbands there and also mixing my Missouri friends and support group with my Kansas friends and support group,” Fay said. “It was also fun just being able to enjoy the day. The event was very well done, and I got to meet some incredible people.”

Fay was chosen to be inducted into the Hall of Fame because of the success of her teams, but also because of her values as a coach.

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