Jaguars defeat Derby in ‘Cousin Bowl,’ improve to 3-0

Jaguar defense comes up big in last four minutes to hang on for 27-20 victory

Tori Aerni, JagWire editor-in-chief

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  • Senior Lucas Krull appears, running through the smoke, before the kickoff of the football game.

  • Football team walks through the jaguar to the field at the beginning of the game.

  • With no open teammates, quarterback Logan Koch opts to run the ball.

  • Senior Christian Jegen reaches out for a pass thrown by senior Logan Koch.

  • Senior Ben Hartman jumps for a pass thrown by senior Logan Koch.

  • Junior Tristan Milne gains yardage.

  • Junior Ben Hartman avoids the defense.

  • After being down by three at half, senior Lucas Krull directs the team in warm ups.

  • Senior Christian Jegen jumps to catch a pass.

  • Senior Lucas Krull listens to the referees call.

  • Senior Tanner Jenkins makes a block for quarterback Logan Koch.

  • Junior Tristan Milne avoids the defense.

  • Senior Sebastian Peterson and junior Joel down bring down the offense.

  • The offensive linemen listen to offensive coach Rick Pollard.

  • Senior Logan Koch directs the offense.

  • Junior Tristan Milne attempts to break through a defensive hole made by junior Jack Cooley.

  • The student section smiles for a picture while at the football game vs. Derby on Friday, Sept. 18.

  • Senior Logan Koch hands off the ball to junior Tristan Milne.

  • After an interception, senior Sebastian Peterson runs the ball.

  • Senior Sebastian Peterson makes an interception.

  • Senior Logan Koch passes to an open teammate.

  • Senior Christian Jegen catches a punt return.

  • Junior Joel Donn pushes away the defense.

  • Defensive lineman Hersimran Aujla makes a block.

  • Senior Spencer Clayborn jumps to chest bump wide receiver coach Zach McFall after defeating Derby.

  • After the jaguars defeat Derby, junior Payton Marlow runs to hug co-offensive coordinator, Mike Strack to celebrate.

  • Senior Christian Jegen celebrates a touchdown by junior Tristan Milne.

  • As the game comes to a close, junior Lexi Moore, stunts to get the crowd loud.

  • Derby head coach Brandon Clark, cousin of Mill Valley head coach Joel Applebee, instructs his team during a timeout.

  • Lining up with the defense, senior Cole Morris prepares to tackle a Derby player.

  • Junior Tristan Milne, jumps to catch a ball above his head.

  • Encouraging the crowd, sophomore Natalie Cooper, cheers in support of the Jaguars.

  • Senior Christian Jegen avoids falling out of bounds while jumping to catch a pass.

  • While jumping to catch a pass, senior Christian Jegen is tackled by a Derby Player.

  • Leading the crowd, senior Cameron Thompson shouts, "hey, hey what do you say?"

  • Junior Brady Rollig shouts to show support for the Jaguars.

  • Senior Sebastian Peterson and junior Joel Donn celebrate during the game.

  • After intercepting the ball, senior Anthony Brown runs the ball to the end zone for a touchdown to put the Jaguars ahead.

  • Seniors Spencer Clayborn, Chase Midyett and Jack Nielson listen as defensive coordinator, Drew Hudgins, gives advice during the game.

  • Senior Christian Jegen catches the Derby punt and advances the ball down the field.

  • Screaming in the faces of other students, senior Ethan Lane shows his excitement after Mill Valley wins the game.

  • Many fans shout along with junior Austin Garner at the end of the game.

  • With a block of the hand, junior Joel Donn stops Derby High School from making a complete pass.

  • The student section flashes their cell phone lights after a touchdown by the Jaguars.

  • After a diving attempt, senior Christian Jegen nearly makes a touchdown.

  • After a pick six by senior Anthony Brown, Brown and senior Lucas Krull chest bump.

  • Celebrating after a wonderful play by Mill Valley, junior Maci Foerderer cheers loudly.

  • Senior Tanner Reed shows his spirit by shouting along to a cheer.

  • At halftime, the marching band, the cheerleaders, and the Silver Stars take the field for homecoming coronation.

  • Along with his teammate, senior Sebastian Peterson tackles a Derby player.

  • Scoring a touchdown, senior Anthony Brown runs the ball down the field to the end zone.

  • Seniors Seth Burnett, Anthony Brown, and junior Jack Eber stand together before they took the field.

  • Senior Sebastian Peterson and junior Joel Donn celebrate after a play.

  • Defensive line coach Eric Thomas discusses a play with senior Anthony Brown at the home football game vs. Derby on Friday, Sept. 18.

  • Senior Nick Vitale cheers with the student section after a touchdown.

  • With anticipation, seniors Kameron Christopher and Brooke Boxler spectate the game.

  • After teammates stop Derby from advancing the ball, senior Logan Koch standing on the bleachers and motions to the crowd to get louder.

  • Looking to the score board as the clock ticks down, senior Cameron Thompson and Ashlyn Voth cheer on the Jaguars.

  • With 20 seconds left in the game, seniors Ethan Lane, Jaison Widmer, Clayton Holmberg, Dalton Sieperda, Nick Lecru and Colby Sirivongxay wait in anticipation for the final play.

  • Head coach Joel Applebee hugs his son in celebration of the win.

  • Co-offensive coordinator Mike Strack and senior quarterback Logan Koch hug in celebration of beating Derby.

  • Defensive coach Eric Thomas celebrates.

  • Seniors Lucas Krull and Cole Morris cheer alongside teammates and cheerleaders. The Jaguars defeated the Derby Panthers, 27-20, on Friday, Sept. 18.

  • Senior Logan Koch smiles as head coach Joel Applebee gives a post game speech.

  • Wide receivers coach Ian Nichols and Logan Koch celebrate a win against Derby.

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The cousins stood in the light of the concession stand after the 27-20 Jaguar victory over Derby High School.  Head coaches Joel Applebee and Brandon Clark, who are good friends as well, didn’t talk too much about winning and losing in what is likely the last of the “Cousin Bowl” series for a while. Both were just happy with the way the players played on both teams.

“I’m proud of the way our kids competed tonight more than anything,” Applebee said. “They played great; a lot of different times it was an up and down game … I’m proud of them and the way they competed.”

The Panthers took the lead in the first quarter with a touchdown run. The score was 7-0, but only minutes later, senior kicker Andrew Hicks had a successful field goal, lessening the Jaguar’s deficit to 7-3.

With 9:35 to play in the first half, senior defensive lineman Anthony Brown put the Jaguars in the lead after he completed a pick-six. The extra point by Hicks was good, bringing the score to 10-7, Jaguars.

The Panthers ran 19 yards to score a touchdown to take the lead back, 13-10, to end the half.

“We went in [the second half] saying ‘hey, we’re down by three. We didn’t play very well offensively, we played great defensively,’ and we made a few adjustments and our kids listened obviously, and we executed well the second half and that’s the reason why we won the second half,” Applebee said.

At halftime, seniors Chase Midyett and Megan Feuerborn were crowned Homecoming king and queen.

Possession started with the Panthers in the second half, but the Jaguars took over after a turnover on downs. Following the turnover on downs, junior running back Tristan Milne ran 42 yards for a touchdown. The Jaguars regained the lead early in the third quarter, 17-13.

The third quarter ended with the Jaguars leading 20-13 after another successful field goal by Hicks.

Fourteen more points came in the fourth quarter. The Panthers tied the game at 20 after a touchdown with 9:45 to play. Only minutes later, a touchdown run by Milne after a pass from senior quarterback Logan Koch secured the 27-20 win for the Jaguars. The game ended with a defensive stand in the last four plays preventing Derby from tying the game in the final seconds.

Although Milne is proud of the team’s 3-0 start, he know there’s more to the season. The Jaguars have defeated St. Thomas Aquinas, Blue Valley Northwest and now Derby to start the season. In 2014, the team went 0-3 against the same teams.

“This isn’t the peak,” Milne said. “This is only the beginning, this this where the season kicks off. We can’t keep thinking about this game, we’ve got to move on to the next.”

Applebee agrees that the team must keep moving forward and not dwell in this win for too long.

“It’s great [to be 3-0],” Applebee said. “These kids have worked their tails off to get to this point so it’s well deserved, but at the same time now we’ve got to worry about the next opponent.”
The Jaguars will play KC Southwest next Friday, Sept. 25 at home.

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