By the Numbers: Top Disney soundtracks

This week’s By the Numbers provides a list of the top 10 Disney soundtracks


Annie Myers and Marah Shulda

Disney films were an immense part of our childhood. Thankfully, the stories didn’t end after the creditswe could bring the music with us. In appreciation for the songs that we grew up singing, we decided to dedicate this week’s By the Numbers to our top ten favorite Disney soundtracks.

  1. Tangled (Annie): It could easily be said that the soundtrack for Tangled is among the best released by Disney. The songs both motivate the listener to follow their dreams and might make the majority of them want to fall in love. The Tangled soundtrack is perfect for unapologetically belting in the car with all the windows rolled down.
  2. Tarzan (Marah): This is definitely a childhood favorite. Personally speaking, the instrumentals in “Trashin’ Camp” are phenomenal, and don’t even get me started on the harmonies. We were first introduced to the amazing vocals of Phil Collins through Tarzan and are forever grateful. Considering all the amazing tunes on this track, we could simply write an entire post on Tarzan.
  3. Frozen (Marah): Though many people find this film semi-annoying at times, it deserves this number three spot. No matter where we are, when we hear, “the snow glows white on the mountain tonight,” we can’t help but belt the next 44 lines. And of course, since Demi Lovato did a cover of the hit song “Let it Go”, the soundtrack must be bomb.
  4. The Little Mermaid (Annie): The Little Mermaid is a classic Disney movie, and the same goes for its music. We’ve always loved the movie, but we only fully understood the hype behind it after participating in a karaoke session of the soundtrack. The Little Mermaid is the kind of soundtrack that’s lyrics are engraved in our memories without us even knowing, and we’re not complaining about it.
  5. The Princess and the Frog (Annie): Listening to the Princess and the Frog soundtrack makes listeners feel as if they’ve stepped into New Orleans to live out their dreams. The soul in each and every song will make you want to get up onto your feet and dance, whether you have a partner or not. The empowering lyrics along with the energetic music makes this a personal favorite.
  6. Hercules (Marah): The Hercules soundtrack probably has the best background vocals of any Disney movie. All of the songs make you want to get up and dance *cough* Gospel Truth *cough*. The songs on this album are inspiring for all ages. Honestly speaking, more can be learned about mythology from this film than any history class.
  7. Cars (Annie): There are few songs that can be described as bops, and the songs in Cars are prime examples. Its mix of modern-day country and mid-twentieth century doo-wop blend surprisingly well together, while capturing the mood of the actual film perfectly.
  8. The Lion King (Marah): The music from The Lion King is drastically different than most Disney movies. We don’t see a lonely princess singing out of her window to her true love. Instead, we see the African savanna and the wildlife that resides there. The music is so much fun and screams “children’s movie,” which is not bad at all, and might actually intrigue listeners more. The music in this film is very uplifting (overlooking when Mufasa dies because no one wants to hear about that) and inspirational.
  9. Pocahontas (Annie): There may only be a few songs on the soundtrack that feature actual lyrics, but those few songs make up for the rest. Songs like “Colors of the Wind” and “Just Around the Riverbend” were practically made for the sole purpose of singing along when you’re home alone. On the other hand, the score is a perfect addition to a studying playlist, or even for improv dancing when no one’s watching.
  10. Mulan (Marah): Personally, this is one of our favorites because it’s all about girl power. This is one of the few Disney films where the fair maiden doesn’t need a man to come save her. We also enjoy hearing the different instruments. The song writers did an exceptional job at making these songs lighthearted but also getting the serious point across.

Whether it be Tarzan, Cars or even Pocahontas, it’s almost guaranteed that jams can be found in any favorite childhood film. Of all the Disney soundtracks, these ten stood out the most because of their memorable songs. Revisit these tunesstep into the “Arabian Nights” or the bayous of Louisiana for a change.

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