BuzzFeed provides both entertainment and journalism

The site should be regarded as a legitimate news source

Alison Booth, Mill Valley News editor-in-chief

When I began researching story ideas for this issue of the paper, I drew a blank when it came time to suggest A&E ideas — as always. So, instead of asking around, I decided to check out BuzzFeed’s latest A&E stories. However, when I tried to access their website during school, I discovered it was blocked. After refreshing the page multiple times and furrowing my brow at the screen, I realized that I would not be able to access one of my favorite websites just because I was using school Wi-Fi.

Admittedly, BuzzFeed does provide readers with its fair share of silly cat pictures and overrated humor, so I do understand the hesitation to allow students to view the site during school. But, its recent move towards providing more in-depth coverage of U.S. politics and economics is substantial, and should verify its existence as a reliable news source.

Read some BuzzFeed news stories and then form your own opinion about the site. ”

— Alison Booth

In fact, in January, BuzzFeed was the first news site to publish a dossier detailing relations between the Russian government and President Donald Trump, a feat other news sites, such as CNN, failed to execute. Although CNN, among others, claimed that the information provided was not verified, BuzzFeed said that they published it “so that Americans can make up their own minds about allegations about [Trump].”

While some looked down upon BuzzFeed for this decision, I admire them; they felt like the public should receive the whole story, and I’d have to agree with them.

It’s a known fact that BuzzFeed is notorious for its quizzes and internet memes, but this idea shouldn’t have any effect nor bias on their news reporting. Instead of assuming that their entire site is pure entertainment simply because that’s what they’re famous for, do your own research. Read some BuzzFeed news stories and then form your own opinion about the site.  

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