Boys tennis places second at their quad meet

Boys varsity tennis competed in a home quad meetThursday, April 15

Allison Seck, JAG editor-in-chief

Competing at their quad meet against BVSW, STA and SJA, the boys tennis team placed second overall Thursday, April 15. 

According to senior Keaton Verdict, he is happy with how his senior season is progressing despite wishing they would have done better at the quad. 

“My senior season has been going very good. We have had lots of tough matches against good state-caliber teams,” Verdict said. “Today’s matches were good, but not quite as good as we wanted.” 

Junior Luke Hansen also feels confident in how his season is looking. 

“I have played in some tough matches,” Hansen said. “I’ve gotten better through my season and I am pretty happy with where I am at.” 

Verdict and his doubles partner, senior Josh Stove, won the majority of their matches. Verdict says his and Stove’s playing styles match nicely. 

“We won our first game 8-6, lost our second in a tiebreak 7-3 and won our last match 8-2,” Verdict said. 

Hansen was optimistic about his matches, even though they didn’t go quite how he wished. 

“I feel like I played very well in today’s matches, even if the scores didn’t reflect that,” Hansen said. “I felt that I played very well on breakpoints both serving and returning. I feel like I could improve my net game and also my returns.” 

Hansen noted that COVID-19 restrictions had changed the way they play the sport. 

“Whenever we walk off the court we are required to have a mask on, and when we meet as a team we all have to wear masks,” Hansen said. “We have had to adjust on the fly this year as sometimes people get quarantined and can’t play. We have to fill their spot.” 

Verdict agreed that COVID-19 safety protocols have altered their season and playing time. 

“We have limited travel distance,” Verdict said. “We have missed out on certain events.” 


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