Boys basketball team defeats Leavenworth 56-43

The team beat Leavenworth Friday, Jan. 28, with a final score of 56-43

Kate Haney and Addison Bailey

The boys basketball team played against Leavenworth High School and won with a score of 56-43. The boys played Friday, Jan. 28. 

Thinking back to the game, junior Dylan Blazer expressed what his favorite and least favorite parts of the game were.

“My favorite part of the game was actually winning and beating Leavenworth,” Blazer said. “My least favorite part of the night was the referee giving me a technical foul.” 

Like Blazer, sophomore Bryant Wiltse described some of the highlights of the game.

“Some of the best highlights include [senior] Adrian [Dimond’s] and [junior Nen] Matlock’s dunks, and [freshman] Carter Kaife’s block against the other team,” Wiltse said. “Winning the game was also a highlight.”

Additionally, Blazer explained what the team could improve on for the next game.

“There is always stuff we can improve on,” Blazer said. “We definitely need to play better defense and start knocking down more shots on offense.” 

Wiltse also added onto what the team could improve on.

“Our offense could have improved especially in the shooting aspect of the game and having fewer turnovers,” Wiltse said. “Of course, we are not going to be perfect, but we still have a lot of improvements to make.”

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