Boys basketball team defeated by St. James

The Jaguars lost 69-52 on Friday, Feb. 3

Michael Sandri, Mill Valley News reporter

Boys basketball took on the Saint James Thunder at home on Friday, Feb. 3. The final score of the game was 69-52 with Saint James coming out victorious.

The first quarter set the fast pace of the game. Saint James was able to make a 3-pointer in the first fifteen seconds, but junior Brody Flaming followed right after making a layup for the Jags.

By the end of the first quarter the Jags were behind 20-9.

Flaming says that the fast pace of the game was a major component of the Jags’ ultimate defeat.

“We were playing too fast and needed to slow down,” Flaming said.

The second quarter of the game started well for the Jags, but turned out to ensure the victory for Saint James. Sophomore Tanner Moore made a 2-pointer right away, and senior Jansen McCabe followed with a 3. However, the Thunder fought back hard by making two 3-pointers and four 2-pointers.

By the end of the second quarter, the Jags were behind with a score of 47-21.

The third quarter was not much different than the second, as the Thunder continued to dominate. At this point, the Jags were losing 58-30 as they went into the fourth quarter.

Even though the Jags are unable to come back and win, they did shorten the lead of the Thunder. Flaming considers the fourth quarter a pivotal moment.

“Towards the end is when we really started to make a run,” Flaming said. “That was definitely our highlight.”

The Jags scored 22 points in the last quarter. The entire team was making shots, but sophomore Logan Talley pulled ahead by making three 3-pointers during the fourth quarter.

“It felt alright making those shots, but knowing we were down was the only thing on my mind,” Talley said. “I was just trying my best to get us back in the game.’

Talley and the rest of the team did try their hardest, but at the end of the fourth quarter they had lost 69-52.

Flaming doesn’t plan to dwell on the loss, and instead will focus on how well the Jags performed towards the end.

“Our overall fight came out towards the end, which is a really good sign for us as a team,” Flaming said.

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