Boys and girls track teams place third at meet

Both teams placed third at their meet on Tuesday, April 19 at the Jaguar Stadium

Lauren Ocker, JAG editor-in-chief

The girls and boys track teams both placed 3rd at the meet held at Jaguar Stadium on Tuesday, April 19.

Sophomore Emma Tibbetts placed 10th in the 1600-meter and 7th in the 3200-meter, she was pleased with her individual performance.

“I think I personally did well,” Tibbetts said. “I probably could have done better in the one mile and pushed myself harder, but I got my personal record in the two-mile, [so] I was pretty happy with that.”

Freshman Lydia McDaneld placed 4th in the open 100-meter, 2nd in long jump, and 3rd in the triple jump and 4×100 relay.

“It was probably my best meet overall; I got my personal record in one event so I think I did well,” McDaneld said. “The team did good. We didn’t get first, but we did well as a team since most of our varsity wasn’t there.”

Due to the upcoming KU Relays meet this week, many varsity members did not compete which caused the team to not perform as well as they had hoped, according to Tibbetts.

“The team probably could have done better if we would have had all of our varsity members there and some more of our JV members, some of our varsity is going to KU Relays and some of our JV went to Paola yesterday so we didn’t have a lot of runners,” Tibbetts said. “We still did pretty well though for who was running and jumping.”

Tibbetts said she enjoyed participating in the 3200-meter partially because of the difficulty, and was proud of her placing.

“My favorite part was passing all of the girls on the two-mile because I didn’t think I could do it but I did,” Tibbetts said, “My favorite event to do is the 3200 because it’s more of a relaxed event and it takes a lot of hard work and skill to do. You have to work pretty hard to do it and have a lot of endurance.”

Feeling motivated at practice, McDaneld worked harder each day, and plans to continue that throughout the season as she improves for each meet.
“I went into practice thinking about how I was going to perform at the meet, and I worked harder,” McDaneld said. “I can improve at practice by thinking about what I want to get at the next meet and how I can get better.

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