Always explore new clubs or classes

Through newspaper and broadcast, I've learned more about myself and grown as a student

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Always explore new clubs or classes

Hunter Ristau, JagWire managing editor, business manager and MVTV assistant producer

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As I sit here writing this opinion, I think about the past three years and how much I’ve changed. When I walked in the doors as a freshman I was worried that I wouldn’t take advantage of the four years at Mill Valley. I was afraid that I would just waste the time and not do anything. At the end of my freshman year I was a little disappointed with myself because I didn’t join any clubs, due to not having the time.

When I was doing course selection for sophomore year, I was flipping through the pages trying to find classes that would interest me. Luckily, I found newspaper and broadcast.

I had thought about joining newspaper earlier in the year but I kind of decided against it. I kept thinking about how much work it would be and how I couldn’t complete the work. But I didn’t let that stop me. Because I joined newspaper, over the past few years I have become more organized. I have found things that I want to do for the rest of my life.

I have also gotten to go do new things, things that I would not have done like travel to Indianapolis, and soon I’m going to go to Chicago and take pictures at different sporting events.

You should try and join as many things as you can and take full advantage of the time that you have at Mill Valley.

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