Adoption can be a great way to expand a family

More people should consider adoption when family planning

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Adoption can be a great way to expand a family

Tatum Elliott, JagWire news editor

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Discovering what adoption was as a child was one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life. The concept of families not being biologically related was somewhat confusing, but the sentiment behind it struck a chord with me.

As I learned more about it, my opinion that most families should at least consider adoption when they are planning to start a family grew stronger. Though admittedly not for everyone, adoption is a ray of light for the 153 million orphans around the world.

Through adoption, children are brought into a stable environment where they can finally feel loved. Families wanting children are often the most prepared to provide children the care and services they need. When well-planned, adoption can bring families an immeasurable amount of joy, just as a biological child. In the National Survey of Adoptive Parents, 86 percent of adoptive parents report that adoption not only met but exceeded their expectations.

For infertile and LGBT couples, adoption is an especially great option. Forms of artificial insemination like in-vitro fertilization can be expensive and medically invasive, and biological conception isn’t possible for people in same-sex relationships. Adoption is a great path for couples who cannot biologically conceive children because it is more likely to be successful. Efforts and expenses put towards artificial insemination do not guarantee a child, but through adoption parents know that they will eventually come to find the perfect child to fit within their family unit.

Giving a child the second chance at a family is a heartwarming experience with a lasting positive impact. Even if it isn’t for everyone, adoption should definitely be given more consideration by the majority of people who want to have children. Adopting may not be as common as having biological children, but it can bring just as much happiness and should be seriously considered. By minimizing stigmas surrounding adoption and making it a regular consideration in the family planning process, I believe that more families would find true happiness in the expansion of their family, biological or otherwise.


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