A Creative Kind of Corner: Taking a water-check

This week has been rained out, so I have taken on a water based project for my weekly inspiration

Avery Sheltra, Mill Valley News reporter

It has been a rainy week for the United States of America, and subconsciously, this water theme has led me to paint the ocean. The hurricanes, tsunamis and rainstorms that have spread themselves across the entire world this week have been nothing less than wild and untamed, so whether I intended to or not, my painting depicted a peaceful ocean, a calm alternative to the mess that the earth has experienced this week.

Normally when I do anything artistic, I don’t have any specific reason. I’ll get hit with inspiration for something and I’ll do it. For instance, all of this week I’ve had the weirdest urge to paint, so every night I’ve painted something. Most of these I scrapped however, because art is hard and painting is harder. But on Friday evening, I was hit with the desire to draw the sunset, and of course, where else than the ocean. So I did, and it took hours, because it seemed like none of the colors I chose were quite right and it was hard to get that perfect shade of blue. After a good two hours of constant changing colors and painting over things, I finally had a suitable piece of art.
The other hard thing about this piece was the type of paint I used. Acrylic paint, which is a common medium among many more experienced artists, is very difficult because it does not blend together smoothly like watercolor or oil paints, so a lot of my time was spent tweaking colors just slightly to be able to blend the perfect shade. However, this meticulous work was worth it in the end, and I created something that I was, and am, extremely happy with, and now I have the urge to paint more.


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