Zero Reasons Why campaign makes its debut since the 2019-2020 school year

District social worker is working to bring back Zero Reasons Why with the students and staff

Kenzie Gorr, JAG reporter/photographer

Zero Reasons Why is planning to debut for the first time since the 2019-2020 school year. The campaign has been widely spread across America and is about to make its appearance again among students and staff.    

District social worker Tawnya Bettis is planning on beginning the chapter this school year. Bettis explained what the Zero Reasons Why campaign is and some of the goals the campaign has. 

“Zero Reasons Why is a teen-led campaign to end stigma against mental health and prevent teen suicide,” Bettis said. “The main goal is to prevent teen suicide by increasing community awareness and support to make it easier for teens to ask for help when they are struggling.”

Senior Brianna Coup will be working with the Zero Reasons Why campaign for her final project in the community service class. Coup explained why she chose it for her project.

Everyone needs a reminder every once in a while that they are loved and appreciated,” Coup said. “I know it feels good on a bad day to know someone is there for you.”

Additionally, Bettis also shared why it is important for students and staff to be aware of the campaign.

“Zero Reasons Why is important to learn about because it increases awareness about mental health,” Bettis said. “The campaign helps students not feel alone by reducing the fear of being judged by others and increases the likelihood that students will reach out for help when they are struggling with their mental health.” 

Overall, Coup shared what students and staff can do in order to show support around the school. 

“Other students should make it known that they are available if anyone ever needs something,” Coup said. “Likewise, just simply being kind to people can change their life.”

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